Cigarette Laws: A Part Of Political Moves

n the Netherlands, the selling of cigarettes has long stopped in the year 2018 whereas in the United Kingdom, these products are not yet prohibited but it is sold in designated cupboards. Tobacco products are not prohibited in Brazil but e-cigarette and refills are prohibited. It is not easy to find these refills back in Brazil as the laws on them are quite strict. Different from any other country, India lifted the ban on e-cigarettes sales. However, regular cigarettes and other tobacco products are strongly restricted from coming into the market. 


Laws On Smoking Around The World

If you’re a smoker and you’re trying to cope with these smoking bans, try vaping. Vaping laws are a bit looser since they are not as harmful to yourself and to others. A vape pen would not even cause secondhand smoke. Thus, try transitioning to vape or e-cigarettes. This might make it easier when you wanna travel around the world.