Iman Jodeh: First Muslim Member of Parliament in Colorado

Iman Jodeh is the first Muslim elected official in Colorado. Born and raised in the United States (US) to Palestinian immigrant parents, Iman Jodeh (right) became the first Muslim woman elected to the Colorado state legislature. 12 November 2020: Jodeh at home with her mother, Siham Jodeh. Iman Jodeh, born and raised in the United States (US) to Palestinian immigrant parents, was elected as Colorado’s first Muslim woman to the state legislature. Iman Jodeh, the state’s first elected Muslim official, has vivid memories of visiting the Colorado State Capitol as a child. She accompanied her father to the legislature in order to attend an event. Iman observed with pride as her father demonstrated her sense of leadership and faith. Beaver Creek from DIA Airport Car Service can pick you up directly at the airport and take you to Beaver Creek, among other Colorado destinations.

Politics in Election

Ignorance is bliss, but that’s not the case with elections. Some people find elections to be a farce where politicians would come down and meet the public by conducting charities. Such as giving out clothes to the ones who need them such as Akatsuki shorts, t-shirts, and pants. This is why it is important for the citizens of a country to educate themselves on the candidates that they adore, stay up to date on election news, and vote for the candidates that share our beliefs. 

How Big Data Influence Politics in United States
Have you ever wondered how data, systems and technologies are implemented all around the world? In politics, institutions, even Licensed Money Lender also use data and technology.  In the United States, there are some implementations of what is called Big…
Politicians Starting to Play NFT?

The Non-Fungible Token blockchain product has recently received a lot of attention from the general public. This is not limited to NFT diggers. However, politicians are beginning to intervene. As a result, it is not surprising that many of them are excited about upcoming NFT Mints. It is a term in the crypto world used to describe the process of creating or printing NFTs. Just like the process of creating crypto which is done by the printing process, crypto minting means the process of changing digital art and adding NFT to the blockchain. When discussing what crypto minting is, it means that we should not miss any details regarding the mechanism or how NFT minting works. The following briefly describes how NFT minting works with Web3.js and OpenSea.

NFTs Arts And Their Worthlessness

Every time I scroll down NFT arts or games like a NET30 vendor list, my depression sunk deeper, seeing many people hopping onto the wagon and hoping to cash their so-called “crafts” out early based on pure speculation. This is probably the only time where I feel like a boomer because as much as I want to understand, it always boils down to the same conclusion.
It is nothing but speculative investment. Today’s example of the “greater fool theory”.” Essentially, you sell something to someone else with a higher price that in reality, doesn’t reflect its true value. If you actually sell that object, you win. The cycle repeats when the buyer will do the same as you to another buyer, increasing the price.
At this point you might be asking, what is so bad about NFTs that I ended up not liking it at all? What does the title mean when it points out their “worthlessness”?

A Few Good Tips To Invest In Stock Trading Properly
With a light supply of your own phone and an internet connection, you are able to invest in stocks with an investment app, perhaps one of those that is commission-free when trading. Still, if you are new to this, chances…
Three of the Best Countries in the World for Disaster Preparedness

For both the government and the citizens of the country, natural disasters are unavoidable and inevitably bring great damage to the country in terms of economy, people and other aspects. Human beings are simply to be destroyed.

Therefore, countries around the world have introduced their own disaster prevention policies, such as earthquake recovery and flood damage restoration, to deal with the damage caused by floods. These disaster prevention policies have served to protect citizens and social utilities and stabilize economies to some extent. In the following article, we will introduce three countries in the world with the best disaster prevention policies and performance.

Politics 101: Food and Politics

We need food every day because it gives us energy and keeps us alive. We can’t work well without food, and not eating enough can have big effects on how well we do in school and at work. Of course, you might not know what “food politics” means. It turns out that the food we eat has its own rules. In fact, the question of whether or not certain foods can be sold to the public has been the subject of much debate.
Fast food and essentials like cereal, oat nut butter, milk, rice, and more go through a lot behind the scenes. This is especially true with foreign products where we don’t know where they originate from. Before selling or distributing food in our nation, it must be thoroughly inspected.

Politics vs Games

The roles of politics and the governement in banning all kind of games are absolutely something unacceptable to some of them. This is because of how games have been part of their daily vital and also their source of income in line with the trend and technologies era that have make it common to actually make it as a career. We could obviously see how games such as PUBG, GTA, Mobile Legend, Vigor slot online and any other PC and mobile games are being played widely by them as a full-time career. Hence, politics and government are worried on how it will affects the youth mentally and physically as they sometimes carried negative elements such violence, corruption and even developing bad habit unconsciously.

Transportation Industry: The Political, Economical, and Social Role

A great service offered by the transportation industry to society affects everyone positively. If there is a sufficient and effective transportation system, people can travel from a far-off location to another. For example, with an excellent transportation system, people who travel to Colorado (a small town at the base of Vail Mountain) can use the shuttle services in Vail, Colorado. As a result, it solves the issue of distance, facilitates intercultural communication, fosters the sharing of ideas and cultures, as well as connects people all around the world.