How The Government Could Fix The Corrupted System

I have families who live in Singapore, their houses are located really near to Canninghill Square City Developments Limited, they constantly complain of the government corruption issues or all about the government, everytime our families are enjoying the Eid season. Not to mention, how they could easily not be charged guilty for breaking certain laws. 

Things Politicians Can Get Away With

The reason behind that is power. Power and money. Also, the fact that politicians sort of own law enforcers in a way. Even though law enforcers have to be fair in the matter of justice, they still turn a blind eye when a person of power does something wrong, even when they’re ingesting drugs like weed or using Delta 8 carts. If you’re still doubting this, then let me share a few things, just the tip of the iceberg, that politicians manage to get away with. 

Pandemic, Politics, And The Internet: The Surge Of ‘Doomscrolling’ In 2020

Doomscrolling was likely first made possible by two things: the popularity of social media, and the increasingly easy access to the Internet via mobile phones. As mobile development in Malaysia and most of the world continued to increase, more people started logging into social media via their mobile phones wherever and whenever they were; either to look at funny memes, read the news, and view more mobile app developer in Malaysia (if you’re interested, you can join us here for best mobile app developer in Malaysia).

The Effects Of Social Media To Politics

In the political field, many politicians have adopted this kind of mindset. In order to attract mass attention, you gotta have that digital presence. The online world has reached its peak. It is safe to assume that your online reputation is as important as your real-world reputation, and digital presence is not something to be overlooked. If you want to improve your digital presence, you could check out this link to find out more about Malaysia social media marketing services.

COVID-19: What Does Politics Touch That It Doesn’t Spoil?

Back in September when Malaysia was all set to wave their red flag to celebrate their victory on defeating the pandemic, the heated Sabah state election has to shred it into pieces as the campaign involved public rallies, home visits and inter-district travel which posed a higher threat to the virus widespread. This resulted in a sudden escalation in the number of clusters and what was flattened before, the curve has changed its shape for the worse. Besides Sabah, Turns out, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur are among the red zones in Malaysia, including districts such as Mont Kiara, Bandar Puncak Alam, Cheras and Puchong.

How Politicians Uses Media

Nonetheless, websites are still included when we want to talk about media. Media students are required to have online portfolios in order for companies to see their previous projects, experience, and the quality of their works, as well as businesses who would get the web design awards Malaysia or from the top 5 web design companies Malaysia, so their website could look according to the right theme and presentable for their viewers. Political parties also have their valid websites where you can check their companies’ locations, what they do, and their stories including the people who involved with the party. Here, people could see if the political party is legitimate or not, and whether it is believable or not, that is entirely up to the individuals. 

Health Politics In The Contemporary World

By having more money in their pockets, these high-priced medicines could be affordable. In regards to this, pharmaceutical companies can also help individuals of the world by investing more of their time, money, and effort to come up with more affordable medicine. However, if this is not possible individuals may look for other medicine alternatives. Chinese medicines (TCM) are proven to be more affordable and work the same as regular medicine. Take the liver supplements in Malaysia, individuals are consuming it because it is affordable and the drug is a herbal medicine that does not cause side-effects.

Impact Of Politics On The Business Industry

Every business needs to pay taxes according to law. Ask any business in any country, business needs to pay tax in order to not go to jail. Businesses like logistics even have their own tax law. If you are interested in finding supply chain solutions in Malaysia check out this link. It is an integrated supply chain in Malaysia and it is also a certified supply chain service in Malaysia.

Issues With Learning English In Malaysia

We also have online classes that can be accessed by Time internet but people rarely take the initiative themselves. Why it’s a problem is because, in the future, these people will be able to barely speak in English and it will be a disadvantage to them in the working environment because English is an international language that is used by almost every company in Malaysia. Even when you enrol in college, most courses will require you to be, at least, a little bit fluent in English.

How Local Governments Can Revamp Their Website

Layout plays an important role in web design. It is important to ensure that the layout of your website looks neat and clean so that your website’s visitors would have an easier time finding the information they would need from you. Try searching for web designers. There are plenty of web designers around you. For example, if you are from Penang, you could look up the best web developer Penang and you will be able to get all the help you need. They will ensure that the layout of your website looks great for your viewers.