Politics and Business: How Politic Impacts Businesses

Many external environmental elements might have an impact on your company. Managers often analyse each of these aspects carefully. The goal is to make better judgments for the company’s development at all times.

The Impact of ICT infrastructure on Government Visibility and Citizen Engagement

New technology can enhance citizen engagement and attempts to monitor the political process, therefore boosting institutional effectiveness.

Five Ways On How Technology Affects The Future Of Politics
Technology has impacted our lives in every aspect, including the world of politics. The internet has changed the way people interact and communicate with each other. With close to the entire population actively using their mobile phones or social media,…
Architecture In War and Terrorism
Gone are the days where architecture symbolized stability and wealth. Over the last century, a high amount of funds have been devoted to the field of war and defence in both first and third world countries. Even though most of…