NFTs Arts And Their Worthlessness

Every time I scroll down NFT arts or games like a NET30 vendor list, my depression sunk deeper, seeing many people hopping onto the wagon and hoping to cash their so-called “crafts” out early based on pure speculation. This is probably the only time where I feel like a boomer because as much as I want to understand, it always boils down to the same conclusion.
It is nothing but speculative investment. Today’s example of the “greater fool theory”.” Essentially, you sell something to someone else with a higher price that in reality, doesn’t reflect its true value. If you actually sell that object, you win. The cycle repeats when the buyer will do the same as you to another buyer, increasing the price.
At this point you might be asking, what is so bad about NFTs that I ended up not liking it at all? What does the title mean when it points out their “worthlessness”?