The Powerful Impact of NFTs on the World’s Economy

Unlike bitcoin and cryptocurrency, the digital asset in NFTs, as its name suggests, can’t be changed or replaced with anything similar to them. You can find the Disney NFT Malaysia update and buy it with a unique code and trade it with something similar, but you will most probably get something completely different and the value is not the same since it is non-fungible. However, you can exchange one bitcoin for another to obtain the same thing with the same value since it is more fungible.

Property Prices Spike and How Government Can Help

With public funding to certain projects and developments, it will certainly trigger a bunch of hungry property investors which could cause an “unfair competition” from those not favored. For example, in Malaysia, high density places such as Mont Kiara attract lots of investors into affordable and great quality properties in the area such as Segambut apartment and Taman Desa condo. The demand side could be reduced through various methods to limit these investors and provide opportunities to poorer demographics such as:

Politics Impact on Business Industry

Ask any business in any country, business needs to pay tax in order to not go to jail. Businesses like logistics even have their own tax law. If you are interested in finding supply chain solutions in Malaysia, check out this link.

The Definition of Power Today: The Next Economic Superpower

In Khanna’s book, Connectography: Mapping the Future of Global Civilization, the researcher offers a diverse range of theories through connecting anecdotes, histories, politics and economic analysis. As if Khanna had used a multiple address map or a map maker when writing, his book is full of fascinating maps that discuss the new reality or also known as “postmodern geopolitics”. In short, it means that connectivity has replaced geographical location as the new definition of power.