Social Media: Transforming News, Communications and Businesses
Today, social media has become a major part of numerous lives through countless websites and apps,  and people have been able to connect with others and share their thoughts, emotions, experiences, etc. It’s been able to provide a source of…
Soberania’s Standard In Digital News

With the change, people have to be more active in staying up to date. Same goes with the news. As we build our website with Digital Marketing Malaysia companies, we aim to inform, connect and inspire our readers with our best capabilities. With the necessary operations and responsive functions, we ensure the satisfaction of our readers. Here are three reasons as to why you should read the news on our website: We believe in the simplicity of our website

Health Politics in the Contemporary World

Pharmaceutical companies can also help individuals of the world by investing more of their time, money, and effort to come up with more affordable medicine like high cholesterol Chinese medicine Proliganic in Malaysia

How The Government Could Fix The Corrupted System

We are all horrifically suffering the effects of corruption around the world. When we say all, we mean all.  Our neighbors, beautiful animals, and working-class members, even a flat roofer have been the endless victims of the corrupt environment. Some say the cause is the government and others say it is inequality and poverty. Nevertheless, the cause or the background of the individual, corruption has not spared us.

COVID-19: What Does Politics Touch That It Doesn’t Spoil?

Besides Sabah, Turns out, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur are among the red zones in Malaysia, including districts such as Mont Kiara, Bandar Puncak Alam, Cheras and Puchong.

The Art Of Media Manipulation: How They Did It

With the growth in popularity of the Internet and search engines like Google, anything is possible to make a fool out of the public. Think about this: It was the Gulf War in Iraq back in 1991 when the Kuwaits were held hostage for 7 months, yet the television shows them holding flags of coalition countries, including American. It does not make sense considering the painful duration they had to endure under the captivity. Behind the scenes of the digital appearance was many public relations in the working to propagate misleading agendas, be it propaganda or to stir up the stories with a special spark to agitate the public.