Iman Jodeh: First Muslim Member of Parliament in Colorado

Iman Jodeh is the first Muslim elected official in Colorado. Born and raised in the United States (US) to Palestinian immigrant parents, Iman Jodeh (right) became the first Muslim woman elected to the Colorado state legislature. 12 November 2020: Jodeh at home with her mother, Siham Jodeh. Iman Jodeh, born and raised in the United States (US) to Palestinian immigrant parents, was elected as Colorado’s first Muslim woman to the state legislature. Iman Jodeh, the state’s first elected Muslim official, has vivid memories of visiting the Colorado State Capitol as a child. She accompanied her father to the legislature in order to attend an event. Iman observed with pride as her father demonstrated her sense of leadership and faith. Beaver Creek from DIA Airport Car Service can pick you up directly at the airport and take you to Beaver Creek, among other Colorado destinations.

Politics in Election

Ignorance is bliss, but that’s not the case with elections. Some people find elections to be a farce where politicians would come down and meet the public by conducting charities. Such as giving out clothes to the ones who need them such as Akatsuki shorts, t-shirts, and pants. This is why it is important for the citizens of a country to educate themselves on the candidates that they adore, stay up to date on election news, and vote for the candidates that share our beliefs.